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Geothermal Development Associates (GDA) is a privately held US corporation with 35 years of experience in geothermal resource, power and direct use development. Their core group of engineers, geoscientists and support staff are experienced in planning and overseeing geothermal projects – from early resource assessment, feasibility study, risk assessment and mitigation, supervision of incremental stages of exploration, drilling and well testing, to design, procurement, packaging, shipment, testing and commissioning of a new power plant. To compliment their expertise, GDA have developed trusted working relationships with other experts within the industry.


Power Plant Experience.


GDA’s experience with geothermal power plants began in the mid 1980’s. Their Project Engineers and engineering staff have diverse and in-depth experience in both binary and steam installations throughout the world. GDA has been involved in plant operations, trouble-shooting of operating installations, upgrading of electrical systems, major plant rehabilitation of binary/ steam units and ancillary components, and power plant equipment design and supply.


GDA designs and packages turbine generator sets with associated components such as lube oil consoles, hydraulic power units, plant air systems, remote control panels, motor control centres and other equipment as required by their customers. GDA packages the TG sets on steel base plates or skids to simplify field installation. No two power plants are the same, as each one is tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer. Shop alignment and extensive testing are conducted prior to shipment in order to simply installation. GDA then provides technical support and supervision during installation and commissioning.


Power plants designed and supplied by GDA are currently operating in Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Kenya and Indonesia.


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