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Torque controlled rolling motors


When using tube expanders it is very important that the torque applied to drive the tube expander be accurately controlled. The amount of torque to be applied is determined by a pre-set calculation and verified by the use of test blocks to ensure consistent repeatability and uniformly tight tube joints. This process will ensure that in a repair or production sequence, the resulting tube joint will be of the optimum quality.


There are several options to consider when looking for suitable torque controlled equipment to purchase or rent.


Firstly, is the equipment to used in a workshop environment or at customer’s site? If it is a workshop then there is greater choice in the driving medium which can be pneumatic, electric or hydraulic. In an outdoor location, the choice is usually a pneumatic drive, but in certain situations, an electric drive can be considered.


Secondly and depending upon the nature of the expanding work in question, a choice can be made between handheld tools and rolling motors that are fully suspended by either a gantry or a spring balancer. If the tools are handheld, the operation of such tools, when expanding a large number of tubes can be tiresome on the Operator and the resulting fatigue can lead to health and safety issues. In such situations the expanding work may become erratic and the tools can be damaged by careless operation. On the other hand, if the application involves expanding large numbers of tubes, then the creation of a ‘stand alone station’ dedicated to such work can make a considerable impact on productivity and economies of scale.


With many years of experience assisting customers with the selection of suitable torque controlled equipment for expanding small or large size vessels, we would be pleased to make specific recommendations.

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