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Tube Pullers

For removing tubes from heat exchangers, condensers and boilers there is a wide range of tube pulling equipment available. From manual tube pullers to fully automated systems there is a model to suit all tube removal applications. Whether you are removing a single tube or many thousands of tubes we can offer a range of mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatically driven equipment.

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Tube Cutters

Tube cutters are used to cut off tubes behind the tube sheet in heat exchangers, condensers or boilers. There is a range available to suit different tube materials, dimensions and applications. These tools can be hand or power driven (electric or pneumatic) and the standard range covers tubes from 12.7mm to 76.2mm O/D. We can also supply tooling for non-standard applications such as long reach models or multiple blade tools.

For the best selection, please complete the Retubing Tool Enquiry Sheet or contact us for further information.


Tube Wall Reducers

These tools are used to thin the wall of heavy gauge tubes. A pilot guide is incorporated in the front end of these drills to ensure correct alignment during the drilling operation. Tubes in tubes sheets up to 125mm thick can be drilled and when the process is completed the tube can be removed using a purpose made knockout tool or tube drift.

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Tube Collapsing Tools

To assist with tube removal work, one tube end can be collapsed to break the expanded joint, whereon the tube can then be pulled from the other end of the vessel. This tool is recommended for use on 16 ga or lighter tube walls. Tools are available for use with tube sizes from 9.52mm to 63.5mm O/D.

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Tube Knockout Tools

These tools are generally used in conjunction with tube wall reducing tools but can also be used with a pneumatic chipping hammer to knockout tubes/tube stubs from a tube sheet. Available in a range of sizes to suit 9.52mm to 100mm o/d tubes.

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Tube Plugs

A range of tube plugs is available for sealing off leaking heat exchanger and condenser tubes without damaging tube sheets. These are a two piece plug design consisting of a ring and a tapered pin. The ring (sized to suit the tube I/D and manufactured with a reverse taper) is fitted into the tube end and then the tapered pin is knocked into the ring. This causes the parallel section of the ring body to expand and make a watertight seal. Both rings and pins are available in a variety of metals and sized to suit tube O/D sizes from 9.5mm to 38.1mm.

High pressure tube plugs are available for tubes with I/Ds from 9.5mm to 25.40mm. These plugs provide positive sealing up to 6500 psi and are suitable for use in high pressure vessels, feedwater heaters etc. A one piece design with fast setup, this plug is quickly tightened with a manual torque wrench to provide a positive mechanical contact seal.

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Tube Bundle Extractors

For the removal of tube bundles from vessels using a portable hydraulic power source. This extractor unit consists of a frame mounted assembly and is either crane supported for high lift applications or can be mounted on a wheeled assembly for closer to ground operations. Remote control operation is available. Several model sizes are available to suit bundle lengths up to 10m and bundle diameters up to 1.70m.

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