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For over 100 years, Elliott has manufactured and supplied tens of thousands of axial/centrifugal compressor packages to customers worldwide. Noted for their durability and dependable operation, some of those installed in the 1940’s and 1950’s are still in operation either as originally supplied or upgraded to handle new process conditions or more stringent environmental standards.


Elliott Scott Ltd turbo machinery + tube and pipe products


Total packages

Turnkey services

Engineering design capability

API specifications – onshore or offshore

  • Flexibility to re-rate gathering installations

  • Lightweight, low maintenance

  • Lifting/injection – up to 640 bars

  • Boosting – up to 850,000m3/hr and 150 bars

  • Refrigeration – expertise to fabricate huge horizontal split casings up to 425,000 m3/hr in double flow.


Typical Applications


  • Oil refineries

  • FCC Applications

  • Chemical/Petrochemical plants

  • Ethylene Plants

  • Gas lift/Gas gathering

  • Gas injection/Transport

  • LNG facilities

  • Ammonia plants

  • Power generation


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Gas Compressors
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