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For beveling, prepping, facing or chamfering of tube or pipe ends we have available a range

of pneumatic, electric or hydraulic equipment.


Designed for use on tubes/pipes from 12.7mm to 450mm I/D sizes, there are several models available and all can be used with heavy wall carbon steels through to thin wall stainless steel type materials. All models feature an easily set but rigid internal clamping system and are capable of producing a clean continuous chip without chatter and the use of cutting oils.


Some models feature an optional cross feed arrangement for flange facing, pipe grooving and severing operations. Gas cut pipe ends with tube walls of up to 38mm can be quickly cut behind the Heat Affected Zone and then beveled.


Torque-free operation prevents Operator fatigue and no special training is required. These tools have been field proven and are used extensively by Boiler Makers, Contractors and Plant Operators. Minimal tool maintenance is required.


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Elliott Scott Ltd turbo machinery + tube and pipe products

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